Herlikovice Bubakov Ski Resort

Ideal skiing for the whole family and it is just 250 metres from our cottage.

  • 2 chairlifts and 5 ski lifts
  • 12.4km of ski slopes with various difficulty levels
  • 2 ski schools in special area
  • 2 children's ski parks
  • night skiing

The chairlift takes you to the top station, where you can join the cross-country trails with beautiful views of The Krkonose Mountains. You have comfortable access to the trails connected with the resort Vejsplachy in Vrchlabi, Benecko and Misecky.

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Children's ski park

  • Children's park zone is completely separate from the operation of public ski slopes
  • Other programs - competitions, races, ski diaries ...
  • 2 rope tows
  • Ski conveyor belt
  • Ski carousel

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Knezicky vrch Ski Resort

  • 2 ski lifts
  • four-seat detachable chairlift
  • three-seat chairlift
  • 2 ski lifts with total capacity of 4600 people per hour.

Lifts take you to Kněžický vrch (550-710 metres above sea level), with a beautiful view of Vrchlabi and the Krkonose Mountains. From here it is easy to access the cross-country trails connected with the resorts Vejsplachy in Vrchlabí, Benecko and Mísečky.Dozvědět se více

Cross-country trails

  • Žalý - Křížovky - 14 km
  • Žalý - Benecko - 6,2 km
  • Herlíkovice - Horní Mísečky - 7 km
  • Herlíkovice - Kněžice - 1 km 

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Nature trails Medvedin

  • Medvedi cesta (Bear Path) 8.6km
  • Krakonosuv pribeh (Krakonos’ Story) 9.5km
  • Stezka stopare  (Hiker’s Path) 7.7km
  • Mechova pesinka (Moss Path) 3.8km

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Zaly Lookout tower

Less experienced hikers can take the chairlift to the hill Zaly (1019 metres above sea level) from Herlikovice and go up 500 metres in altitude. For more experienced hikers there is also the option of touristic paths. Lookout tower is made from stone and its height is 18 metres. Near the tower is the newly rebuilt mountain cottage, which is originally from 1890.Dozvědět se více

Labsky Dul path

Length: 17.5km

Chairlift Medvedin - Šmídova vyhlídka (viewpoint) - Zlaté návrší, Vrbatova bouda (cottage) - Pančavský vodopád (waterfall) - Labska bouda (cottage) - Pramen Labe (river source) - vodopád Pudlavy (waterfall) -  U staré pily - Dívčí lávky - Spindleruv Mlyn.

Easy trail from Vyrovka  to Spindleruv Mlyn

Length: 10km

Chairlift Plan - Rozcestí u Srubu - Klínovky - Chalupa na rozcestí - Výrovka - down through the Dlouhy Dul to Spindleruv Mlyn (green color tourist path).

Up to Snezka through Lucni bouda

Length: 24km

Chairlift Plan - Rozcesti u Srubu - Klinovky - Chalupa na rozcesti - Vyrovka - Lucni bouda - Snezka (1603 meters above sea level) - Slezsky dum – Lucni bouda – Bouda u Bileho Labe – Divci lavky – Spindleruv Mlyn.

The bobsleigh run in Spindleruv Mlyn

The bobsleigh run is 1,400 metres long, rider enjoys 22 turns, 5 jumps (off-road twists) and three tunnels. From the track is a beautiful panorama view of the Krkonose Mountains. You can ride the single or double bobsleds. Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult. Riders can reach speeds up to 65km/h but you can regulate the speed.

Knezice Horse farm

You can horseback ride anytime during the year, daily from 10am to 4pm, or you can request a different time. You can go to the nearest neighborhood, Knezice and to the Giant Mountains National Park. For younger children, there are also ponies.Dozvědět se více

Bile Labe cycling route

Length: 12km, suitable for families with children

From the center of Spindleruv Mlyn (White Bridge) - take the blue tourist trail, bike trail No.14 - chair lift Medvědín - cycling route No.16, restaurant Myslivna - Divci lavky - Bouda u Bileho Labe (cottage) - the yellow tourist trail, bike trail No. 16 (Drevarska cesta) and back to the center of Spindleruv Mlyn.

Labsky dul cycling route

Length: 8km, suitable for families with children

From the center of Spindleruv Mlyn (White Bridge) - take the blue tourist trail, bike trail No.14 - lift Medvědín - srub KRNAP (cabin) - Labsky dul - and back to the center.

Sv. Peter - Stoh - Krasna Plan cycling route

Length: 10km

The upper station Sv. Peter - Plan - 200m ride along the blue slope, on the road turn right toward Stoh and Krasna Plan then along cycling route K17 down.

Horni Misecky - Haldy cycling route

Length: 12km

The upper station Medvědín - go along cycling route K13 to Horni Misecky to the restaurant Stopa, further along the cycling route K12 toward Haldy, then over Labským dul down to Spindleruv Mlyn and then along K14 back to the bottom station Medvědín.

Zlate navrsi - Labská bouda - Source of Labe cycling route

Length: 25km

The top station Medvědín - go along cycling route K13, turn right on the road Misecky - Zlate navrsi. From Zlate navrsi to the Labska bouda, and then you have to walk about 1km to the Labe source and back to the Labska bouda. The same route back to the Horni Misecky and then further along the cycling route K12 toward the Haldy, over Labsky dul down to Spindleruv Mlyn and then along K14 to the bottom station Medvědín.